5+1 Brand Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Trends always start small – then they gather momentum, turning into movements with the power to transform an industry or society itself. Yet the trends that stand the test of time are not born out of whims or people jumping on bandwagons – but new directions made available by new technologies. They break down barriers and open doors to what, in a few years, will soon become the norm.

"I’ve had the opportunity to observe the rising significance of many key trends over the course of this past year – through my day-to-day work at this agency, our interactions with clients and partners, and my participation in the judging panels for leading creative contests. These trends have the potential to define our work in 2020.

All of them have arisen in response to the major challenge faced by many brands today: mastering the increasing diversity of touchpoints, target groups, and use cases, while simultaneously maintaining control over their brand image. Brands tend to take one of two fundamentally different approaches to this problem: Either they offer greater flexibility and are open to creative design experiments, or they concentrate on the essentials to reduce the number of design elements in use.

This decision stands at the core of what follows – and is reflected in the five trends I believe will grow in significance over the coming year."

Learn more about five trends and a meta topic, which will gain importance in 2020. You can read the entire article of Lukas Cottrell at "The Brandberries".

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