Three trends are becoming increasingly important in the era of the Next Normal

The Corona crisis is increasing our hunger for constant information. We crave ever-newer updates that will finally tell us what the future will look like – or what we are supposed to do next. Maybe we are just consoling ourselves by constantly focusing on the crisis. Everything we read reminds us that people all over the world are asking the same questions, so we feel less alone, even while we keep our distance.

"There is no blueprint for the current pandemic – so no one can seriously claim to have a simple solution. Against this background, the much more trustworthy approach involves careful deliberation and the scientific method. Suddenly our rather lumbering German government is more popular than any would have thought possible two months ago. Populists have lost their appeal. After years of shouting we are experiencing a renaissance of discourse. Amid all the negative aspects of the crisis, this is a development that should encourage us.

Meanwhile, many agencies and companies have to face the fact that projects planned months ago have suddenly become obsolete. Campaigns that have already been fleshed out are being thrown into the trash bin. This is not the time for cheerful spring motifs. And in times of social distancing and lockdowns, brands shy away from depicting groups."

Curious to learn more? You can read the entire article of Norbert Moeller including three trends for the era of the Next Normal at "The Brandberries".

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