The new edition of Brand Management Review provides extensive insight into the compelling and complex topic of Change Management.

Five renowned experts from diverse industries give their own personal perspective on various aspects of change management in the current edition of Brand Management Review to increase awareness of this complex and essential theme.

The function of change management is today firmly entrenched as an integral part of corporate management as the need to organise change has long been recognised as a key task in its own right, nevertheless every other change project often seems poorly implemented or fails completely. Change and its effects still remain consistently underestimated and essential aspects of employee consultation, communication and adjustment, or indeed even fundamental leadership rethinking, are frequently disregarded or simply deemed not necessary at all.

The new edition of Brand Management Review provides a first hand glimpse into how diverse and far reaching the scope of Change Management can be and which essential aspects need to be considered for an effective outcome. To illustrate this composite theme 5 experts from different industry backgrounds were invited to share their knowledge and experience of how successful Change Management can be achieved. Articles were submitted from: Prof. Dr. Torsten Oltmanns (Roland Berger Strategy Consultants), Dr. Jürgen Fleig (, Caroline Krohn (Wirtschaftsdiplomaten), Markus Czeslik (Ketchum Pleon) and Anika Breuing (Peter Schmidt Group).

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