Expansion to Japan and China: Branding with cultural awareness

What do beauty care brands have to consider if they want to be successful in China and Japan as well? Executive Creative Director Heidrun Angerer provides answers: in an article in the online magazine Beauty Independent.

"Depending on which market a brand wants to establish itself in, it must decide which of its advantages and values it emphasizes in its branding. Nevertheless, adaptation does not mean giving up, explains Heidrun Angerer. 'You should adapt to some extent, rethinking who you are and why you are relevant in markets that have an outstanding brand landscape of their own. Germany, or rather Europe, certainly has an image that Asians in particular value very highly. It makes sense to incorporate this in order to stand out from the huge field of local competitors. The situation is different for the influencers and brand ambassadors that brands choose: Here I would see a mixture of western and eastern beauties at most. But you certainly have to be able to depict eastern beauty or the eastern beauty ideal."

You can read the whole article by Beauty Independent online here (in German).

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