The Peter Schmidt Group has designed the AllesKönnerKisten, a new toy range from KOSMOS Verlag.

Hamburg based brand experts the Peter Schmidt Group has continued its successful collaboration with KOSMOS Verlag from Stuttgart. Following a redesign of their popular, play experience kit packaging in 2010, there now comes a new, universal toy and craft packaging concept that is setting creative trends within this brand landscape.

For these new boxes, the team has returned to a Heidrun Angerer approach by creating names, logos, packaging and PoS fittings from one, single source.

"As one of the leading toy manufacturers for games and play experience kits, we wanted to put a recognisable accent on a craft, mega trend development. It was important for us to set ourselves, and our products, apart from the many, generic commercial toy products available, while maintaining and promoting our values. KOSMOS universal packaging has been a complete success." explains Heiko Windfelder, Program Manager for Game Merchandise and a member of KOSMOS’ executive board. "Our partner, the Peter Schmidt Group, has understood perfectly how to translate our requirements into a successful, overall concept that also has a distinctive design. Thus, we have established a new brand that now represents the proven quality KOSMOS with real creativity."

The universal packaging relies on a principle of "Back to Basics" and utilises many primary and neon colours, combined with lighter tones.  A key, visual code is the craft component of the play situation which is clearly shown so that PoS communication is achieved quickly. As a starting concept, The Peter Schmidt Group has designed ten, universal packaging kits (beaded sandals, garden pirates, 3-D chalk and crayon workshop, knitting & knotting machine, making a sling, plaster sculpture, airbrush textile design, monster sewing, colour spinning and UFO craft) and further topics are planned for the future.

Toys in the new packaging retail within a price range of € 9.99 to € 19.99 and have been commercially available since the end of May, 2014 in combination with PoS fittings specially designed by the Peter Schmidt Group.
Heidrun Angerer, Executive Creative Director at the Peter Schmidt Group says "The successful launch and initial, enthusiastic customer feedback have shown that the courage of KOSMOS has paid off. Current trends already known within fashion and cosmetics, such as neon colors, have also been applied across the whole range of toys."

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