PAGE 11/2021: Sustainable Design at the Peter Schmidt Group

Hamburg, 5.10.2021

People expect brands to behave responsibly and sustainably. But sustainability has become a multi-faceted topic and has long since transcended “green issues” to encompass social and economic aspects as well. In its 11/2021 edition, design magazine PAGE looks at how all of this impacts design work, and features three of our projects.

Many people think of sustainable design in terms of resource saving packaging and the recyclability of materials. But in its current issue, PAGE shows just how complex the topic really is, and how much potential corporate design holds. The magazine profiles three of our projects: new designs we created for the Mey underwear brand, the KfW banking group and Deutsche Bahn.

As different as these three brands are, they are united by their commitment to acting sustainably. In the case of Mey, for example, this ranges from the cultivation of company-owned, organic cotton fields in Peru, to social commitments on the local level, to high quality standards that ensure the products are as durable as possible. This self-image is reflected not only in the packaging we redesigned; our work with Mey involved redesigning the entire brand identity. The company's values are now easier to grasp in all areas of communication.

For the KfW banking group, on the other hand, we created a barrier-free corporate design that makes all information available for all user groups at all times. And at Deutsche Bahn we pay attention to gender-neutral icons as well as tone of voice, and prove that chatbots can exhibit empathy without falling into gender stereotypes.

Interview with Lukas Cottrell and Ruediger Goetz – and insights to agency mentoring programs

Also in the 11/2021 edition: An interview with managing partner Lukas Cottrell and managing director Ruediger Goetz about society's changing perceptions of sustainability issues and the demands this places on brand managers. And in the article entitled “Me and My Mentor,” Kristin Janoschka and Larissa von der Heide report on the training programs offered by our “Elephant Academy” and how mentoring leads to success in the creative industry.

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