Livestream: Dr. Samuel West on product failures and what we can learn from them

Hamburg, 21.9.2021

There are countless examples of products that were developed with high standards and yet flopped on the market. Dr. Samuel West has collated them to create a “Museum of Failure” and presents them in pop-up exhibitions around the world. His aim is always to honor the courage to experiment and the willingness to learn from failure. On Friday, 22 October at 11:30 a.m. we will livestream his lecture “Learning From Failure” on Vimeo.

How can it happen that global companies invest gazillions in market research, only to end up with products that fail miserably on the market? And how does that affect their brand? These are the kind of questions that drive Dr. Samuel West, founder and curator of the “Museum of Failure”, a collection of bizarre ideas and supposedly well thought-out innovations that failed due to misunderstandings, misplaced faith in technology, or deepest convictions. But rather than viewing these developments with schadenfreude, West always encourages people to learn from failure and appreciate mistakes as a positive contribution.

We are pleased to host Samuel. And because we find the topic so interesting – and just to provide ourselves with a little added inspiration – we will livestream his lecture on Friday, 22 October at 11:30 a.m. The livestream is accessible on Vimeo.

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