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Innovation & Activation

Everything new begins with a moment of fascination.

Design is a process of change. And this involves two things: exploring new frontiers and trying out approaches that have never been seen before, while at the same time imparting a sense of security to clients who are pioneering unknown terrain. The intersection of these two sets defines our methodology in the field of activation and innovation: We question processes, experiment with new materials and production methods, develop digital prototypes and develop radically new approaches to solutions. Our internal Lab 72 offers every employee a platform to think ahead and explore new trends.

At the same time, we create projects that help to moderate change – activation campaigns, change communication, digital and analog brand spaces. We do not regard design as a completed process, but as a chain of diverse experiences. 

Holistic approach

New things are created by thinking outside the box, so it is only logical that projects in the area of activation and innovation are usually inter-disciplinary. Colleagues from a wide range of disciplines contribute their expertise. We are convinced that when it comes to finding the best idea, what matters is not what area you work in – whether you're a designer or a project managers, temporary help or senior management. We all ask the same question, "What if...?" And we can all contribute answers that help people and move brands forward.

"This is exactly what customers expect from a market leader: that it leads the market! With new ideas and genuine innovations that go beyond the familiar and transcend simple adaptations."

Armin Angerer,
Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group
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