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Industrial Design

Because a brand expresses itself in the language of design and the way its products are used.

Every brand embodies certain values. These values are expressed through the brand's visual identity, its communication measures – but above all through its products and their design. The packaging must also reflect these values, especially since it is often difficult to separate packaging from product. Whether it's shampoo, perfume, a bottle of water or a carton of milk – consumers' perception of many products in the retail trade depends to a large degree on the packaging. We don't just look at the design of labels, but at form, function, their emotional impact and how they differentiate themselves from the competition. 


Our 3D structural design experts develop and inspect moulds, produce samples, optimize haptics, perfect materials and monitor series production. This makes them valuable partners for our customers as well as for designers from other disciplines. They ensure economical, efficient production processes while at the same time helping develop resource-saving, ecologically sensible solutions.

Holistic approach

Industrial design stands within the context of brand values. That's why our approach to this discipline is intertwined with our other areas of expertise such as packaging design, corporate design and brand strategy.

"Good product design is as important as it is complex. A level of design quality that sets the product apart from its competition can only be achieved by the complete and unrestricted interplay of all the design parameters."

Florian Schaake,
Design Director, Peter Schmidt Group
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