Creative Services

We make brand identities visible worldwide and across all channels.

Once the design has been determined, it's time for the new look to be introduced to the world in a variety of different formats. Whether digital media or print publications, packaging, photo or film material – we ensure that it finds optimal expression in every medium.

However, craftsmanship is not everything. We also advise and support marketing staff every day in ensuring the consistency and quality of brand appearances – be it in the creation of communication measures, the purchase of advertising materials or printing.

Holistic approach

No matter how perfect a design is, everyday use determines whether it works and whether the brand values are expressed in the best possible way. Our creative service team therefore complements our corporate design and packaging design services. Experts in final artwork and production ensure that images have the best possible quality and that packaging is produced in the highest quality. For corporate design checks and the production of complex printed matter such as business reports, our creative services department works in close cooperation with our customers to ensure quality.

“We know how to implement brands effectively and efficiently. In the packaging sector alone, we have successfully rolled out more than 30,000 different articles for retail and brand manufacturers throughout Europe.”

Markus Buchhammer,
Account Director Creative Services, Peter Schmidt Group