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Corporate Design

Every corporate design needs a good story. And it must be easy to apply.

The appearance of a brand always reflects its strategic positioning and corporate values; if they change, it's also time to reevaluate the corporate design. And even if everything remains the same, a critical look at one's own presentation does no harm – because brand values are always embedded in the context of the society in which they are communicated. It is possible that the associations of the target group with certain values have changed, making it necessary to readjust the appearance.


In a nutshell: You should always have good reasons to making adjustments to an established brand presence. We don't make changes just for the sake of change. After all, a design that successfully accompanies a brand for years and outlasts trends is a characteristic of durability that should not rashly be thrown overboard. That's why there are always projects where we only make gentle refinements to the design while helping companies make it easier to use. We limit rules to the minimum necessary, but strengthen established brand codes. This is how we enable flexibility in application and ensure media-compatible communication at every touchpoint.

Holistic approach

Our corporate designs have proven themselves over decades – because our work is characterized by the demand for durability. Our path combines excellence in implementation with curiosity about the unseen.

We also attach importance to the best possible collaboration with other in-house disciplines. We think holistically, starting with the strategic analysis and often enough extending to the worldwide roll-out with the help of tailor-made brand portals.

"The biggest mistake brands can make is to orient themselves in relation to others, overlooking the power of their own DNA."

Norbert Möller,
Executive Creative Director, Peter Schmidt Group
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