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Brand Strategy

You have to really understand brands before you can align them flexibly and lead them in the right direction.

Why do people choose one brand and not the other? In most cases, the answer is not just good design or the right brand strategy, but a profound, personal experience. It has to do with the values the brand conveys, and the solutions it offers in concrete situations. Modern brand management requires focusing on these situations and freeing ourseves from the traditional fixation on rigid target groups. People are no longer anchored within firmly defined milieus and thought patterns, looking for different emotional experiences, depending on their life situation and context. Brands can play important roles in different worlds and reach different user groups on an emotional level. The key to this is the meaningfulness of their offer – and the sensual depth of the experience they offer. 

We employ pioneering working models to align brands flexibly and concisely at the same time. With the help of our Brand Neuroscape approach, we map the emotional drivers behind human decisions, giving brand managers and designers concrete recommendations for action on visual codes and firmly anchored stories. As part of a design experience lifecycle, we don't merely look at individual, isolated touchpoints, but develop consistent experiences that anchor brands sustainably in the hearts of their customers.


Holistic approach

We regard interaction with a brand as a holistic experience that comprises more than just a clearly defined purchasing process. In close coordination with colleagues from the corporate and packaging design departments, we develop design experiences that lead to long-term brand loyalty. We develop communication concepts that express the brand personality at every touchpoint.

"Many brands don't position themselves clearly. They thus miss the opportunity to play an emotionally significant role in the respective worlds of experience of their customers."

Lukas Cottrell,
Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group
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