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Brand Management

As the world becomes more complex, we make branding even easier.

Brand identities are put to the test every day, as the brand's visual elements are used in more and more new applications. This work is not done by agencies alone, but primarily by employees of the company on the basis of rules and guidelines – which they must understand and interpret. So good brand management means providing security, flexibility and efficiency to those involved in the process. This can invovle making it easier to work with an existing design, or introducing a new design and ensuring its consistent implementation. The larger and more global the company, the more challenging the task.

We combine expertise in the various disciplines of design with an understanding of the structures and organisational processes of globally active companies. We develop concrete suggestions on how to increase the efficiency of brand work – and we deliver the necessary tools, from change microsites and helpdesk offers to comprehensive brand portals. The latter integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes and are scalable and expandable at will. They make it possible to automate routine tasks, manage assets centrally and ensure high-quality standards for all apsects of brand management.

Holistic approach

No corporate design or packaging concept is any good unless it can be conveniently and properly implemented in everyday business. Creative excellence is indispensable, of course, but the processes of brance change, brand implementation and brand management also require the right tools. We support globally operating companies with powerful portal solutions that are perfectly tailored to the respective requirements.

"We are brand and management consultants, technology providers, and a branding and design agency – all rolled into one. "

Lukas Cottrell,
Managing Partner, Peter Schmidt Group

Digital Asset Management

Documents, templates, images, videos and sounds: Digital asset managment empowers companies to conveniently manage all elements of their brand work and make them available to project participants. Seamless integration into day-to-day production tools makes implementation easy and ensure consistent results.

Dynamic & Living Styleguides

Consistent brand identities require clear rules. The simpler they are, the more successful they are in day-to-day application. The automated further development of style guides reduces the maintenance effort, provides documention of web design elements and guarantees that everything is always up to date.

Cross Channel Publishing

From printed brochures to web banners, semi-automated tools can create marketing materials that are and in compliance with style guides without requiring additional design support, then forward them directly to production service providers. Individualized assignments of roles and certifications to project team members ensures transparency in the release process.

Education & training

A brand portal is an effective training tool to promote the understanding of brand work among employees. And integrated "Brand Academy" conveys design basics and applications intuitively and promotes engagement among everyone involved in brand management and implementation.


Scalable "Best of Breed" approach

From content management to web-to-publish, we develop each brand portal as an customized, comprehensive solution that precisely reflects the requirements of our customers. We do this by combining the building blocks of the best providers – scalable according to individual requirements and then seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes.


By brand experts, for brand experts

The Peter Schmidt Group is Germany's most successful brand and design agency. Our brand portal concept combines more than 40 years of experience in the development and control of complex brand systems with extensive knowledge about everyday life in brand and design management.


"Good brand management helps build brand value. And it reveals savings potentials that reduce costs in the long term."

Florian Lauffer,
Executive Director Consulting, Peter Schmidt Group
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