Brand Consulting

We are sparring partners and business partners at the same time.

If companies want to change their appearance, they need more than just courageous ideas. They also need direct contact to a single person who can bring in new perspectives, network the various disciplines and mantain an overview of all processes.

We support companies from the very beginning by offering a different perspective on their brand and business processes. We question, uncover strengths and weaknesses, provide impulses, bring the right teams together and keep an eye on the big picture.We accompany you through the entire change process and ensure that everyone involved is making a genuine contribution. The benefits for our customers include individualized solutions, more efficient work steps and lower costs in the long term.

Holistic approach

At the very outset of a project, we start by asking, "Why?" It is important for us to develop a thorough understanding of the wishes of our customers as well as the specific requirements of the respective market. We then put together the best set-up of the various disciplines – because many projects that are primarily a corporate design task also require answers from the perspective of strategy or brand management. We advise customers, bring in all the experts and achieve results that fit perfectly.

Strengthening brands through collaboration and partnership

We place a high priority on openness, transparency and mutual trust. The customer and the agency have different perspectives, but that's exactly what's essential in order to give each other food for thought. Our customer relationships therefore thrive on an ongoing exchange on equal footing. Because we have the same goal: to bring your brand forward.

"We often accompany not only a design process, but at the same time a change process with all its communicative challenges."

Jan Facchinetti,
Director Consulting, Peter Schmidt Group

What are the challenges facing companies?

Jan Facchinetti: With the digitization of business processes, which is affecting all industries, many companies find themselves forced to rewrite the story of their brand. They must not only think about the visual appearance of their brand, but also what it stands for. Brands  ahve to develop business models and ensure that they fulfil their brand promise at all touchpoints. 

Kristin Janoschka: Many project enquiries focus on three aspects: automation, efficiency and flexibility. How, for example, can a new corporate design not only look good, but also minimize the effort in its application? We find the right solutions.

What are your solutions?

Kristin JanoschkaAlways different, matching the respective goals and budgets. But in most cases it quickly becomes clear that it's not just about the design alone, but also about how to implement the design worldwide, for example. When do you start getting employees involved? How do you go about that? We have specialists for all these aspects. Strategists, designers, our interactive team, IT experts, architects – we bring them all together at one table. 

How quickly do you network the various disciplines? 

Jan FacchinettiWe have all the specialists in-house; freelancers are rarely used. We can put the teams together in no time at all, and are there right from the start. Each team has designated contact persons available, for example project managers who hand the day-to-day business. This enables us to launch and steer individual projects successfully and deal with challenges as they arise, while at the same time keeping an eye on the big picture. 

Do customers ever come to you with precise ideas and you have to convince them that the problem is completely different?

Jan Facchinetti: That's actually almost the case. Still, our aim is not to convince the customer, but to develop an understanding for his wishes. If companies want a new corporate design from us, our first question is of course, "What are the developments in your company that have made you want to present yourself differently to the outside world?" We ask where the need for a new image comes from – and then very quickly reach a point where we talk about message management. Or another example: If we are commissioned to roll out a corporate design worldwide, then of course this is followed by the consideration of how those who have to work with the brand can be involved in this process.  
Kristin JanoschkaWhen we accompany change processes, we become intinately acquainted with the company's internal processes. For companies, this presents a valuable opportunity – not only because we bring the external perspective with us, but also because employees are often more open to us than to their superiors. Employees are usually very honest with us and tell us unfiltered what is going well or badly. In this way we can help companies optimize their change processes.