We invent, create, shape and code. Wanna join us?

Many people have been working for us for a very long time. They must have good reasons for doing so.

Together we are a team of 200 colleagues. No matter if you are a designer, consultant, market researcher, strategist, programmer or art worker, and from our junior members right up to our directors - we constantly benefit from one another’s knowledge.

From the outset, the holistic approach of the Peter Schmidt Group brings together creative minds from many different disciplines and locations. That in turn brings our customers and us effectively forward, while seeing the bigger picture through our deep understanding of brands consistently ensures satisfaction and enjoyment. This is what it is all about.

This means even new team members can take on responsibility from an early stage, forge close relationships with our customers and become truly involved in the brand itself. This leap of faith is frequently the best training in understanding a brand and its needs, though naturally we always ensure that there is an experienced colleague on hand for support and guidance.

Contact persons

Ruth von Keutz

Tel. +49 40 441804-0

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