The Brand
in Focus.

ABC-Straße 47 in Hamburg. The building is from 1898 and is now listed and protected.

We keep everything within our sights under a great atmosphere; if you come to Hamburg then Daniela is on hand to welcome you.

Without input there is no output; researchers in our library in ABC-Straße.

In Hamburg concepts and designs are created within our studios over three levels; for clients such as Linde, Imperial Tobacco and Postbank.

Spanning a former lock; the Brückenhaus, or Bridge House, in the West Harbour

Enjoying a break with great views; our terrace over the river Main.

Good design needs good people; lots of light and plenty of space enable this in Frankfurt.

An elliptical shape with a retractable roof; the uniquely designed Stilwerk building in Düsseldorf seems like a futuristic arena.

Our Düsseldorf office is located in close proximity to other BBDO companies.

The Theresienhöhe in Munich; looking out from the inside you can see to the Alps.

Working on site in Munich; servicing The Linde Group, Cancom and the Goethe Institute.